Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event

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90s nickelodeon and a random ‘I love you’ voicemail from my love :3

After two and a half weeks, I’m finally getting my car back today! :D


I personally don’t know of any people that would put a kitten in a jar, especially with the intention of being cruel. I have however seen many cats and kittens get themselves in these kinds of odd predicaments. 

I doubt that kitten died in a jar.

This week

Everything this past week has just been getting progressively worse. Boyfriend has what the ER said is MRSA and it’s spreading, now he’s going back to the ER, possibly to stay. I can’t be with him because of my stupid car accident, and I won’t get my car back for 2-3 weeks, if my insurance company decides it’s worth fixing, which means that’s how many weeks of school I’m going to miss, and if it does get fixed, I’m going to have to pay a $1,000 deductible. I have to take antibiotics to make sure that I don’t have MRSA, and am on medicine because I either somehow got ringworm or am developing psoriasis, but either way my boss said I’m not allowed to go back to work until I have a dermatologist’s note; not a note from my regular doctor, a dermatologist, something I don’t have, and I can’t lose those hours.

Its like a week from my own personal stress-themed Hell.

So I got into my first car accident tonight. Now I don’t have a car for a while, and I really don’t like that; I have certain responsibilities that cannot be upheld without a vehicle.
Such an upsetting night :(

I can’t say it enough how much I love having a sister in culinary/baking school! Cinnamon rolls :3

The familiar scents of developer, stop bath, and fixer have returned to my fingertips :)

Harry taught me that even the most famous ones have moments of infamy. Ron taught me that it is okay to steer away from the path you’ve chosen, so long as you come back. Hermione taught me that it’s okay to be a nerd and to believe in books more than people. Ginny taught me that being patient will get you what you want. Hagrid taught me that some people’s hearts are really as big as them. Grawp taught me that you needn’t be a human being to actually be human. Draco taught me that it’s okay to not follow in your parents’ footsteps forever. Snape taught me that what you see is not what is real, mostly. Albus taught me that everyone has a past that they’d rather not talk about, and it is okay. Molly taught me that it’s okay to look soft on the outside, so long as you’re there for those you love. Fred and George taught me that confidence is such a sexy thing. Pansy taught me how to be a slut and a major pain in everyone’s arse. Lucius taught me that you sometimes have to sacrifice your pride for family. Narcissa taught me that your own blood is more important than that of others. The weasley family taught me the importance of family and sticking with each other till the end. Neville taught me that standing up to your friends is more important than standing up to strangers. Pettigrew taught me that it would be foolish of me to trust everyone I call a friend. Luna taught me that it is okay to be considered weird. Peeves taught me that ghosts are not scary. They’re sometimes only funny. Bloody Baron taught me that even the scariest person has loved. Professor Mcgonagall taught me that it is but obvious to favour your own house. And, it is okay to do it so long as you don’t overdo it. Lily and James taught me that being in different realms doesn’t change your love for your son. Remus and Sirius taught me that time and seeds of mistrust sown by others cannot change true love. Sirius also taught me that you are not what your family is. Dobby taught me that true love can come in various shapes and sizes. Bellatrix taught me that it is important to be truthful to atleast one person in your entire life. Voldemort taught me that Drama is essential in life. And, lastly, but, definitely not finally, JKR taught me that it is okay to fail. One day, someone, somewhere, might realize the true importance of you.

Harry Potter <3

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